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Being raised an Army Brat, over the years I lost track of many friends.  This is an attempt to get back in touch with them.  I am including how I knew them (from where) and about what year(s) I would of known them in.  If you are or know any of these people, please get in contact with me or put me in contact with them.  Thanks.  :)

Name Where I know them from How I know them Years I knew them
Cindy Loring Fort Riley, Kansas Next door neighbor 1991-1992
FOUND! Ashley Marie Smith Fort Richardson/Elmendorf AFB, Alaska Attended Ravenwood Elementary with and was on the Dolphin Swim Team with 1986-1987
Laura Farago Fort Richardson, Alaska Neighbor and went to school with 1985
FOUND! The Stryker Family (Stephen, Rhonda, Nathaniel, Eric, Laurie, and Chris) Fort Riley, Kansas Next door neighbor and friends of the family 1992
Matt Atherton Shawnee, Kansas Friend from High School 1992-1993

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