December 21, 2003

While cleaning up for a little holiday gathering here, I poked at the bench in the foyer to see if I could fix it. It's not going to be quick, as the part pictured here is a bit complicated to make with no tools.

December 16, 2003

Well, I figured that continuing to put plastic on windows wasn't exciting enough to merit entries here, especially since we're going really slowly (1 window/day at most). A few more windows have been done, and I think there's starting to be a noticable difference. Next up are a few windows upstairs, and I think that'll be more noticable - heat rising up and out is sucking cold air in, and when we block one window for it to get in, it finds some other way. Block the ways out and...

More useful was the electrical service upgrade today. It's not technically done, as it hasn't been inspected and NiMo hasn't done their last couple bits of magic, but it's functionally done. Pictures in with the rest of the Utilities Pictures

December 10, 2003

I'm sick, so that's limiting what I can do. Of course, being home sick from work gives me more hours to do it in. I got plastic over the study window last night. Seems to be making a difference in how comfortable the room is. More importantly, I got Mike to weatherstip the door from the kitchen to the porch. There's still a little draft in one spot that I'll probably do something about when I can deal with cold air, but it's a LOT better now than it was. The kitchen may still be the coldest room in the house, but it's no longer so obvious that it is.

I appear to be getting a piano, as soon as I figure out how to get it here from Stafford Springs, CT. It'll fit this house perfectly - it's about a hundred years old, and needs a bit of (cosmetic) fixing. Unlike the house, it doesn't need any structural work. I'm going to put it where the entertainment center is currently living in the living room. I have no clue where the E.C. is going to land for the short-ish term. Probably some place inconvenient. Pictures of the piano are here.

December 7, 2003

More shoveling, more cleaning, more plastic. Ooh, fun.

December 6, 2003

Today we worked on dealing with winter. Lotsa shoveling. Not that that's the point here. We did finally find some shrink window plastic that is big enough to cover my windows - the stuff aimed at "Patio Doors" works wonderfully. So we plastic'd the Living Room windows - new pictures here, not that there's anything exciting about it. But the effect of just that one set of windows getting plastic was quite noticable, even while we were still working on it.

Also, Thursday I did more on the dining room. I rearranged more of the stuff to gain access to the strip that still needs to be stripped. I set up some shelves in the kitchen and moved some stuff in there to get it out of the way, and moved some other stuff across the room. Then I managed to strip another ~3' of that 3' strip. Yay, progress.

December 4, 2003

I forgot to do an update Tuesday, and have been out of touch since. Tuesday evening I got the swath of the dining room floor cleared to reach the windows. Now all I have left is a ~3' wide strip along the side of the room, full length.

December 1, 2003

It's snowing. Ick. I'm scraping adhesive off the dining room floor. Ick. I've made it most of the way to the windows, then I've got a ~3' swath down the side of the room still to do that's got all the pantry stuff piled in it. I also picked up some GOOD temporary shelves for the pantry, so I've been moving stuff in there and not worrying about crushing the shelves in the process. Of course, this means that we can't work on the pantry for a bit... but at this point I didn't expect to until next year.

We have mice. They found the food in the "pantry". This was discovered while moving stuff on to the new shelves. What a PITA. Fortunately, Orkin is scheduled to be here on Wednesday.

I scheduled an electrical service upgrade for 12/16. Full day job, after which I'll have a 40 space commercial grade electrical panel, twice the feed TO the panel, lots of empty space IN the panel, and lots empty space in my wallet to go with it. There are some things it's just worth spending the money on getting a contractor to do. This is one of them.

November 14, 2003

Lotsa news. First, my new beams showed up today. I'm out a total of just over $300, and have a mountain of lumber in the basement. Getting them in there was interesting... John cleared a landing zone and path from one of the casement windows. The window itself turned out to be screwed shut, but that was fixable. Slid them right in from the truck. 2.75"x9.5" 14' long beams are heavy. 5.75"x7.825" 14' main beams are @#$%ing heavy. Now I just need to figure out how to install them...

Next, I had an electrician here this morning to give me a quote on a service upgrade. Nothing too exciting here, just getting 100A service upgraded to 200A and a *big* breaker panel. As soon as John and I figure out when we can be here it'll be getting done.

More floor stripping. I've finished one corner of the dining room, and tomorrow will be able to move the desk/bar back into that corner and out of the foyer. Almost on a lark, we decided to try this goo on the tile adhesive in the upstairs bathroom. Worked like a charm. However, the tile doesn't absorb any of the solvent, and neither does that adhesive... so I got quite the blast of fumes when scraping it up. I haven't needed to wear my VOC mask before now... but on tile it's absolutely necessary. I was high for almost an hour after cleaning <1 square foot of tile.

And finally, now that I'm not relying on anyone else to get pictures off my camera, there are pictures practically every day :-).

November 13, 2003

More pictures :-)

November 12, 2003

Late last night I sucked the pictures off the camera, and there was less on there than I expected.

November 11, 2003

I had today off, so I did stuff. I took the first of many loads of junk formerly belonging to the former residents of this house to the Salvation Army and donated it. I'm guessing the better part of 10 loads in my car to get rid of it all. Of course, it would be less if I would allow any of it into the passenger compartment... but it still smells.

My other major project for today was looking into carpet adhesive remover. I'd found some stuff from Citri-Strip on the web that looked pretty good, and sounded like I wouldn't need to wear a VOC-rated Gas Mask to use it. The only gunk from that company that I could find anywhere in this area is their varnish remover... nice, but not what I need at the moment. So I picked up something not nearly so nice (<4% methylene chloride, so I've dealt with much worse) (Wait... I have a degree in chemistry... I've dealt with worse than they're allowed to sell...) figuring I'd try it and see. I didn't expect to do much today, but... I got curious. I've probably got 1/6 of the dining room done. Works great, and the VOC content is pretty low in this stuff. If I didn't have to wait 20 minutes after applying an area before I could scrape it up, I'd be high as a kite. Instead, I have to wait while it works so it's not too bad. I have pictures, but we're still fighting over getting pictures off of the camera.. some day...

November 7, 2003

I just ordered the beams - (10) 2.75"x9.5"x14' hemlock beams, plus (1) 5.75"x7.825"x14' hemlock beam for a total including delivery of $278.30. I've spent more than that on plastering supplies so far. I'm now going to have to drop almost that much on 4 jacks to pick the house up off the beams as I replace them... and I was expecting to have a few months recovery time from the cost of lumber before I'd be thinking about that. Custom cut lumber isn't as expensive as I'd thought...

November 6, 2003

I spoke to someone at a lumber mill today. The beams for the basement are going to cost $19.50 each, plus $55 delivery charge. Geez... I was expecting something closer to $1000 total for this, and suddenly I'm looking at $150 or so, plus shipping. The jacks to pick the house up off the old beams are going to cost more than the lumber. I order the beams tomorrow.

November 3, 2003

OW... the pounding on the window to get it free from the paint made the tendonitis in my elbow mad.

November 2, 2003

We just had a couple warm-ish days, so I yanked another window out to redo. This time not for broken glass, rather because it didn't close all the way to the top. Turned out all that was holding it in place was paint - both that it had been painted into place, and a huge buildup in its groove in the frame. After much chiseling, scraping, prying, and a bit of swearing and bleeding, both the top and bottom windows were out, some of the wood replaced, and everything painted. It looks a lot better now. Too bad it's one of the three windows in the living room, and probably looks really silly from the outside since they don't match. I also installed the new sash lock rather than try and get the old one back on - I picked up a pile of new sash locks a while back and need to get around to putting them all on.

I'm expecting this is the last of the "outdoor" work for the year. If I do get the opportunity again, I've got more windows to go still. Otherwise, next up is the wiring in the laundry room.

Looking back over the last 9 months here, I noticed a comment early on about having put together a project list with dependencies, etc. Looking at that list, the only things crossed off completely are: "Clean Basement" and "Clean under porch". And I want to clean the basement again, as I've definitely given the former residents here plenty of time to come get any of their stuff that they left behind and may have wanted. Most of that is going to be finding out what the hours at Salvation Army or Goodwill are, and loading up the car a few times. Yay, more tax write-offs. But nothing depends on that. So the next dependency is... *drumroll* fixing the broken beams in the basement. Everything either depends on that or on serious $$$ - like upgrading the electrical service to the house to something real (minimum of $1500).

October 12, 2003

Well, I finished up most of the windows last week, then went to Albacon for the weekend. The pantry is empty again, so John should be working on plaster again soon. And after I'm done getting the sound effects for Diary of Anne Frank done, I'll be working on other stuff again, too.

October 8, 2003

It's very difficult to work on windows after jamming a chisel into the heel of your hand. Rather unpleasant, too. Fortunately, sharp chisel makes a nice *clean* cut.

More windows are done, though. I was working on the second to last when I got myself. John did a bit more on it, and I'm going to try and finish it up in a bit. Now that I've stopped bleeding.

I finished painting the casement window frames in front, too. They look a heck of a lot better now, and may just survive the winter (I hope).

October 7, 2003

It's back...

Well, after 2 months of nothing, I'm back. I hadn't forgotten this page, I hadn't done anything to report. But I took this week off from work to make some progress on the house, so here we are again.

So far, John and I helped move Ron Glasser's shop ("Creations") from his old abode to a new hole, and will probably be doing so again when he manages to buy a place around the beginning of the year. A good start to my week of working on my house, don't you think? ;-)

Next, I've replaced the broken glass in another window, this time upstairs. Tomorrow is supposed to be quite warm, so I'm hoping to get all 3 remaining broken windows pulled out, re-glassed, scraped, and painted. And I've started scraping and painting the casement window frames. Maybe if I do enough of a half-assed job at scraping and painting the POS window frames I've got, I'll get an extra couple years out of them before I have to wholesale replace all 30+ windows in this house.

Replacing the one broken window stopped a stiff breeze coming into one room. Since I turned the heat on last Thursday...

There are lots of pictures on the digital camera. Someday they will find their way off the camera. *sigh*

August 8, 2003

Normally I'm not going to put in here reasons why I'm not getting things done - that's really not the point. I'm making an exception for this one, because of just how truly odd it is to me. I pulled a muscle in my arm last week while walking out of work... pushing the door open with my right hand, a muscle in my LEFT arm (hangin' there... doing nothin') cramped so hard it pulled the tricep. Carrying a gallon of paint in yesterday made it so much worse that I decided to sit, read, and drink beer instead of doing another window. *sigh*

August 7, 2003

Replaced another broken window - this one in the dining room. The paint was so bad I even had to scrape it down and repaint it. So while the paint was drying, I got everything prepped to deal with the sash weights, even. This is the first one I've done the entire job on (in this house... I've done this before)

I spoke to a contractor yesterday trying to get a price on removing the concrete slab. He actually called me back. Of course, after I explained what I needed he told me he'd have to call me back from the office so he could schedule coming out and looking at things... said he'd call back yesterday afternoon... which he didn't. Hurm...

August 5, 2003

I made progress last night! Woohoo! I fixed the stove (switch for the front big burner was bad) and replaced the kitchen faucet. Plumbing that involves a torch is no big deal. Lying on my side curled up under a sink where the disconnected pipes are slowly dripping on me and I'm not quite sure what that... black and chunky... stuff is that I'm lying on... no thanks. I don't need to do THAT again. Yuck.

The new faucet ROCKS... nice and tall, good sprayer, and it's a style that'll look good after it gets removed from the current sink and installed in a newly remodeled kitchen... when I get around to that.

August 4, 2003

Actually got something done over the weekend for the first time in a while - I replaced all the broken glass in the door from the kitchen to the porch, and the big window in the living room. It's odd to walk into the kitchen and not have the door boarded up.

July 28, 2003


Not much going on, really. I've been scraping paint off a door occasionally. Since both John and I have had shows going on, the house has been on hold. My show closed yesterday, so things'll be picking up again...

John found some pictures from way back, so there are "new" shots taken with Mike's old dark camera... but this time John had someone hauling a halogen work light around with him.

July 14, 2003


Party came, party went. Successful, I think. Nothing is going to happen for a bit, as we sleep it off.

July 10, 2003

Well, Jackie is making lots of progress prepping for me having a party. Doesn't sound like a fair deal to me, but I'm not complaining.

John finished up the brown coat in the pantry, and can now move on to the finish coat. Problem is that I'm going to have 70 people starting to show up *tomorrow* and I need all the stuff that belongs in the pantry to be in the pantry and not in the dining room. Hurm...

My big accomplishment late yesterday was finally finding some place that would sell me $4.40 worth of @%$#ing sand. *sigh*

July 9, 2003

This week sucks. I have accomplished nearly nothing, and have put many hours of work into it. We're pretty much out of sand for John to use in the brown coat of plaster, and while I bought a bag a week and a half ago at Home Despot, they have either a) never carried it, or b) discontinued it, depending on which store in the capital district you go to. I've tried all of them. So we've lost two very critical days of plastering time this week because I can't find SAND. Geez.

Jason got the foyer walls mostly patched. They'll need a bit of going over, but there aren't gaping holes any more....

I *did* find a place yesterday that sells real plastering supplies. I will be getting sand there today, and I picked up gauging plaster and finish lime yesterday. I was a yutz and didn't get sand there when I could have, and they close at 5...

At least I mostly cleaned the kichen yesterday...

In all fairness, Jackie (Mike's GF) has been scrubbing down kitchen cabinets, shop-vac'ing up where Jason has been leaving bits of sheetrock all over, cleaning bathrooms, ... and seems (at least to me) to be the only person actually making any PROGRESS in preparing for the party this weekend. Thanks, Jackie.

I have accomplished something more that's vaguely useful! I just went through and rotated all the images that were sideways :-) I also wrote up scripts to make both that and making the thumbs in the first place easier... and more likely to be correct the first time :-)

July 8, 2003

Mike pointed out to me that for some reason the last two batches of thumbs for all the images were actually .PPM files with .JPG extensions. They now work.

The foyer walls have all been gone over to clean up where they need to be patched... they should all be spackled this evening. And there seems to be a dearth of sand in the capital district, so the pantry is falling behind schedule. *sigh*

July 7, 2003

It's just come to my attention that the image pages don't work with all browsers. What's odder than that is I'm using 100% standard HTML for this... and the browsers do not seem to be having a problem with that. I'm actually getting errors on the server side about the client terminating the connections prior to complete transmission of the images.

Not a whole lot to report - more plaster has been gooped onto the walls in the pantry (John will probably take umbrage at my use of the term "gooped") and it's looking reasonably good. We're looking for better plaster to use long-term, but the stuff we've got will do for the small, non-public-space room.

The ice maker in the new fridge is up and running :-)

New pictures are in...

July 3, 2003

We're all scattering to the winds for a couple days for the 4th. No more progress until Saturday at best.

July 2, 2003

I finished scrubbing the walls around the balcony and foyer last night, so we can move forward with patching and painting. Woohoo. Wow, washing walls sucks.

John actually was playing with plaster glop yesterday (another one of them thar "technical terms") and patched up one of the walls of the pantry. Longish term we really need to find all the components to mix our own plaster, as the stuff we found was setting up in ~15 minutes, and that just wasn't enough time. Also, we do now know that the experiment with gluing plaster back to the lath worked... the walls where we hadn't just given up and removed all the plaster were much more solid. There's actually a prayer that we'll have a pantry soon...

On a technical note, pictures are delayed due to a disk failure on John's machine, which is really confusing the device drivers under Linux so the USB HD emulation stuff is complaining rather than letting us get pictures off the camera. As soon as he reboots into an M$ OS we'll be able to get them... or when he has the time to kick the Linux drivers repeatedly and make them work.

July 1, 2003

We have a new fridge...

Mike was working on the cabinets in the kitchen yesterday. We're trying to get it so they're no longer sticky from the sheer amount of grease dried on to them... ick.

June 30, 2003

Dan's Hauling picked up the dumpster... finally. I called them a week ago. I'm glad the barricade permit I've got is good for a year...

Over the weekend we got tons of stuff done. John got the surface coat of plaster in the pantry scraped out, leaving the scratch coat and brown coat intact wherever it was still viable. Yes, we're turning into plastering geeks, too. He then went through and glued the plaster still up to the lath where it was breaking free (plaster sticks to the lath because it oozes through the lath and hardens... if that bit breaks off, you're hosed.) We finally found a place that sells wood lath, so for $13.50 we now have lots. So he went through and patched up the holes where wiring had been done in preparation of re-plastering all the walls in the pantry. Woohoo.

I found the dining room yesterday, and the rest of the study, and the rest of the living room. Everything now in the dining room either belongs in the dining room, the pantry, or the kitchen. The living room has a little extraneous stuff in it, but very little (a dorm fridge and a couple plants... the fridge is playing plant stand) and the study has practically nothing in it at all except my desk. As soon as the kitchen cabinets are more ready for use, the kitchen stuff leaves the dining room. As soon as the shelves in the pantry are up, the pantry stuff leaves the dining room. We're getting there...

A weekend house guest (Jason) played multiple useful roles... an extra back for moving stuff around, and while John and I went tearing around looking for lath and stuff he scrubbed all the walls in the foyer and around the balcony around the stairs to about 6' up. Since another piece we bought while getting lath was a 6' set of painter's scaffolding I was able to take it the rest of the way up to the ceiling around the balcony after Jason left. Still a bit more scrubbing to do way up high over the stairs, and we'll be able to patch and repaint the whole thing. Wow... that's a wretched job. Thanks, Jason.

And finally, the new kitchen refrigerator should be showing up early this afternoon. In the hot weather, the old one (with a date on the back of 9/5/1972) was running about 23.75 hours/day, so I'm hoping to save a LOT of money on electricity... and doubling the size of the 'fridge in the process. I seriously was barely aware of it ever turning off... and the one time it was off I got something out of it and it immediately turned back on. Just for the record, the date on MY back is 9/24/1973... it's been kind of unnerving to have a 'fridge older than me...

June 27, 2003

Now that the workshop is in usable state as a room, all the tools, etc. that have been sitting in the Study are moving downstairs. Suddenly, the study is a lot more usable... also, moving stuff into the basement, while lots of moving and carrying and such, involves being in the nice, cool basement. :-)

June 24, 2003

Many new pictures have been uploaded... dated from 5/11 to 6/23. I'm putting the finishing touches on organizing them. They're carved out by room/area/subject matter, and I've set up the layout to include rooms we don't have pictures of yet - so if you hit an empty page, that's why.

I'm also noticing that we're pretty good at taking "before" pictures, and really lousy at taking "after" pictures. I'll see about fixing that soon.

June 23, 2003

Yes, Bob... I *am* 10 years younger than you are, as the weekend proved. However, I'm 10 years *older* than when you met me... which means I can no longer do this without paying the price the next day... ow...

June 22, 2003

You can tell we have RoadRunner now... I'm doing updates on weekends.

We have finished up loading the dumpster, except for whatever randomness we may add. Under the porch has been cleaned out, the side alley, the basement, all the bedrooms... wherever people left junk, it's gone now. That includes the paneling and drop ceilings in most of the bedrooms, except the ones we're actively using. The last of the carpeting went in today, too. So I'll be calling tomorrow morning and having Dan's Hauling come in and take it away... finally.

June 21, 2003

Well, we tried to tear down Dan Lennon's garage today to reclaim some oak beams from it. First we had to clean it out into a pair of 15 yard dumpsters, then rip the roof off, then pull it down. We got most of the roof off and hit a couple snags - first, exhaustion, and second, rain. 100 year old oak beams will survive in the rain for a bit. We'll get them another time.

June 20, 2003

Spent a couple hours going through the basement trying to get the last of the garbage into the dumpster before it leaves. I'd like to be rid of the thing on Monday. All the big stuff is gone - the transmission, the broken furniture, the old pieces of cast iron pipe, etc. and much of the little stuff is either gone or sorted into piles to get added to the dumpster when we're not falling over tired, or go to charity, or tires. Nobody takes tires. All that's left for the dumpster is a little bit of junk from the basement, cleaning under the porch, and a bit of junk from the upstairs. We're almost there... and can stop living in a demolition zone.

June 19, 2003

More progress has been made on the last two bedrooms - one is gutted, and the other is not yet quite empty. Close though. The smaller one (gutted already) is now becoming storage for random stuff, and the larger will be kept empty as soon as it's done, getting used for swing space as other rooms get renovated, and crash space for visitors in the shortish term. Long term that room will turn into a recording space...

It was also pointed out to me that a few days ago when I did a whole bunch of days worth of updates I missed one thing - Megan ripped all the wallpaper out of the foyer.

June 18, 2003

2 months...

June 17, 2003

TAUM guy should be showing up early today to clear out the last of the old furniture that he wanted. So last night we moved all of it to the dining room both to ease getting it out of the house today, and also to be able to gut the last two unoccupied rooms upstairs. A big pile of stuff from the former tenants moved into the basement, but there's still more. Also, the drop ceiling in one of the rooms and part of the paneling is already out. The rest will probably be today or tomorrow.

Also, I'll be picking up a big pile of window glass over lunch today - all the broken panes of normal glass in the first and second floors are running me only $48.95 :-)

It was realized at some point in the last couple weeks as I've been prepping to do a bunch of electrical work in the basement that what we thought were gas light supply pipes really weren't. At this point I really wonder if this house ever had gas lights at all, as there's no trace of piping in the walls, and it would have been just too much work to rip it all out. What we thought were gas pipes were actually very early electrical conduit - very thick wall, heavy conduit. It's even got the Underwriters' Laboratories sticker on it still.

June 16, 2003

Hmmm... 9 days of updates. The pantry wiring is roughed in. The upstairs bathroom has had it's claw-foot tub removed and stuck into storage, and more than half of the 1970s tiles are gone, exposing 1900s tiles - not so we can keep it that way, but so we can see what will need to be replaced after it's ripped out completely. A mountain of crap was moved from the basement into the dumpster (which is now mostly full) including 2 old water heaters... one of which still had water in it. That's awfully heavy. The wiring for the SE corner of the basement, the pantry, and the side porch light was all ripped out and redone - combination of adding sanity to the wiring layout, removing cloth-covered wire where the cloth is disintegrating, and adding much light to the part of the basement that is turning into a workshop. Under the porch has had a first pass cleaning done - all the big stuff is in the dumpster. Communications is now running over a temporary trunk line from the basement to the attic, and is terminated in punch blocks for easy changes - no more wires taped to the mouldings for the phone and Ethernet. And TWC is coming on Wednesday to connect RoadRunner... which will make adding more pictures here MUCH easier.

Oh - while working on the communications wiring, John crawled over to the roof collapse and looked at it from underneath. It's about a 2'x2' section of just the sheathing that's rotted out. The beams are fine, and the "recovery board" that is just under the roof membrane is OK, if unsupported.

Also, last night I started going through the various major projects on the list and doing more detailed project plans... primarily for the dependencies part, but also to be able to look at a list and see "what can I work on right now". Of course, the project plan for the kitchen isn't very useful in that sense, since it's probably 2 years out before I'll have the money...

June 5, 2003

We loaded all the rest of the old mattresses and dead chairs into the dumpster last night... nothing left from the old tenants that is a) garbage, and b) a two person carry. Still a bunch of stuff from them taking up space - stuff we're keeping (not much), stuff the TAUM guy wants, and personal belongings. My attorney recommended holding on to that stuff for a couple months, as if I pitch it and they come back for it they could sue. We're >1 month in...

June 4, 2003

I just won a couple auctions on Ebay... I'll now have all matching doorknobs for the upstairs :-)

The TAUM guy (see yesterday) came by and took 3 entire beds, some chairs, and lay claim to three dressers, another table, a hassock, and some other odds and ends. And left me a charitable donation receipt :-) Suddenly there's a lot more available space in the house. And as we throw out 4 more beds, there will be much more to follow :-) :-)

June 3, 2003

We loaded a pile of crap out last night into the dumpster from the basement, which gave us room to move a bunch of stuff out of the dining room, which gave us space to move a bunch of old furniture out of the upstairs so the TAUM guy (Troy Area Unified Ministries, they have a furniture donation charity) can look at it more easily today. What a freaking shell game.

June 2, 2003

More cause for more pictures, but no pictures as yet. Downloading from the camera is easy, d/l over dialup sucks. That'll get fixed at some point.

The cause is that we've got the paneling off the walls in 2 of the bedrooms, and have found neat things. Two gaslight points in one of them, hacksawed off flush with the wall, and a secret compartment in the wall of the other. Nothing in the compartment when found :-(

May 30, 2003

Nothing back from either the roofer or the GC... yet.

We're in the process of putting together as-builts of the house, but measuring the thickness of walls is a bear. Also, I'm not sure the software can export to a useful format for putting on the web... I hope it can.

John was bored yesterday while waiting for the 30-yard dumpster to be delivered, so he took the advice of Ron Glasser (a friend who does restoration work) and took a bottle of Awesome Orange (degreaser, cleaner stuff) to the mural. I wasn't prepared for this... but the little spot he tried it on looks great. About a 3-inch circle. Pictures to follow as soon as it looks like he meant to do this.

Started working on the electrical plan for the upstairs last night. Not too bad... 6 circuits will cover everything, including plenty of power in each room, the bathroom (on GFCI), and all the lights on their own circuit.

Put together a project list for the whole house over the last week or two... more than 40 major projects on the list so far, each with priority and dependencies. It's amazing how almost everything comes back to needing that dumpster to clean out the basement...

I'm sending out the invitation for the Summer Party/Housewarming today

May 29, 2003

I made my first mortgage payment... ooh, fun.

May 26, 2003

Had a GC in to look at all the problems. He was more optimistic than the roofer, possibly because he's going to get a lot more $$$ than the roofer possibly could.

May 22, 2003

Had a roofer look at things. Didn't sound good to me...

May 15, 2003

A page of (much better) pictures than the previous. These are all of major structural problems that the Structural Inspector missed: Pictures

OK, the pictures still aren't great, but I'm still getting used to my new digital camera. They'll get better. It's tough to get autofocus to work when you're only a few feet away and there are lots of choices for what to focus on. At least you can see what's in them.

April 29, 2003

A page with a bunch of pictures we've taken at the house... they're very dark... Pictures

April 19, 2003

AUGH... I OWN A HOUSE! *panic*


April 18, 2003, 12:15 PM

I own a house...

February 25, 2003

This is where I'm going to put up the current state of my new house. OK, currently it's my "soon-to-be new house". I hope to close sometime in late March.

It's over 100 years old, so it will never really be my new anything. Deal.

As closing and the following restoration happen, there will be pictures added here. As we discover more about the house's history, that'll show up here, too. Current rumor is that it was once owned by Mame Fay(e), who used to own a brothel in Troy. This rumor is not panning out, as we have found who owned the house between 1908 and 195x (after she died) and none of those people were her. Even when we account for the fact that "Mame Fay(e)" was a pseudonym. Oh, well - that was a cool story.

Some pictures the realtor took while I was wandering around with the inspector. Pictures

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